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Quarry Direct is an excellent option for larger projects where a full truckload of stone is needed. 

We have phenomenal relationships with a wide range of quarries across the United States. We also have the opportunity to offer our products to the wholesale market at a discounted rate. 

If we have a wholesale dealer in your area, we will need to respect that and work with them to insure that you are getting the best available price.

How does it work? We send a truck directly from the quarry to the project site, saving you costs for stone and delivery.

Truckload quantities are either under 24 or 32 tons, depending on state regulations. Keep in mind that someone on the project site will need to unload the truck when it arrives and larger trucks need a fair amount of room to deliver.

For larger projects, the savings by purchasing quarry direct will be substantial. For pricing, please call Brian Salazar at 541-617-9711 or contact him by email at

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