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When it comes to pavers, we supply two different products: Belgard and Willamette Graystone.


If you have the time to look through these portfolios to narrow down what catches your fancy, great. If you are looking for professional advice, please give us a call so we can help steer you in the right direction!


Again, we want to make this easy for you and we have the experience. If you are looking for something specific to complete your project, our team of specialists are here to guide you and take some wight off your shoulders.



From eye-catching driveways to stunning patios to serene landscapes, Belgard offers an array of products to complement your home and help you create the perfect hardscape. Click on the Belgard logo to view their informative website, or call us at 541-617-9711 to help select the perfect products to meet your needs and expedite your project.


We carry several types of pavers and retaining walls from Keystone Hardscapes for you to browse through. Click on the logo to view their current website which is full of useful information to help narrow down your needs and wants for your next project! We have provided product-specific photos below to help narrow down what kind of products you may be in search for.

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